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The Rad Mixture of Classy Muscular 6-Inchers and Ugly Rubber Dinosaurs - Remco’s Warrior Beasts

Remco’s Warrior Beasts (WB) are one of the most popular MotU KO toylines from the 80s. A rad mixture of unique, ugly rubber dinosaur head sculpts, and classy muscular 6” body sculpts. It is this mixture I guess, which makes this line so admirable to KO collectors.

The head sculpts remind of Imperial’s beasts & creatures. Imperial is well known for flooding the toy market of the 80s with ugly rubber dinosaurs, Godzilla bootlegs, and all types of beasts and creatures, that were meant to be played with Masters of the Universe and other 6” toylines.

WB were advertised as the villains of the Lost World of the Warlord (LWotW) - another popular MotU KO line, that was based on the DC comic by Mike Grell. Anyhow they’re considered two different toylines, even though Remco used the same body molds for both LWotW and WB figures.

WB were sold single carded or in sets with rad looking steeds. The steeds were called Fire Dragons. For their Fire Dragons, Remco used molds of Imperial look-alike beasts. These beasts were also sold seperately as some cheap dino imitations during the big dino-boom of the 80s era across Europe. This is how I got in touch with them as a kid, apart from the WB figures that I didn’t even know as a kid. It also explains why it’s not too hard to find one of these ugly mofos over here, while it’s nearly impossible to find any WB figures. Especially in Germany. So far I can tell, WB have never been released in Germany officially. They’re more common in the US. But can also be found in France, and Belgium, where they go for a pretty penny though.

Overall, 13 WB figures have been released. Including some variations and versions. So far my collection covers 9 figures, and the two versions of Fire Dragons.

Guana w/ Fire Dragon v1, Craven, Stegos, Hydraz, Wolf Warrior, Snakeman, Gecko v1, Skullman v2 w/ Fire Dragon v2, and Zardus (from left to right).



Gecko v1 w/ Fire Dragon v2

Gecko v2 w/ Fire Dragon v1

Guana w/ Fire Dragon v2

I’m still missing Skullman v1, Zardus, and the two Ramar figures, that were exclusively sold with the Fire Dragons. I hope to complete the collection some time, even though it seems impossible to find those two Ramars and Skullman v1 anywhere.

By the way, it is known to KO collectors that the Skullman v2 has the same molds like his transculent and shit rare counterpart - Remco’s Jewel Thief, from the Conan toyline. Fortunately Skullman doesn’t go for the same insane money yet. A complete one in nice shape can be a bitch to find anyway. The v1 is even tougher to get hold of. Not to speak of the Fire Dragon giftsets. Indeed, I’d assume them to be a myth, if there wouldn’t be any photos available on the internet. I can’t even say if the Fire Dragons in my posession have ever been packed as “Warrior Beasts”, or if they have been sold apart from that.

Whatever they are, one thing is for sure - they’re awesome. Just like the entire WB toyline is!

  • 17 August 2012
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