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The Many Faces of Anubi, or Walph, or Spikes… or Whatever!

If I was deported to a deserted island and was allowed to chose one figure from the Galaxy Warriors (GW) line to take with me, it’d be Anubi. Anubi has the nicest head sculpt of all GW figures. The figure is so cool, that it got bootlegged and copied many times. Let me exemplify the amazing world of KOs by taking a closer look at this great figure and some of its copies.

Anubi was released as one of 12 GW action figures by Sungold. He originally came with a brown sculpt, wearing a red lioncloth. On the similar Galaxy Fighters (GF) line he was called Walph - a figure that unfortunately is still missing in my collection. The GF Walph had the same color scheme, but a slightly different sculpt. EuroPlay used basically the same GW figure for their Turly Gang line, where it was called Spikes. Like I said in the previous post, even though these were made by another manufacturer, they still had ‘Sungold’ engraved on the back or the leg. Some Turly Gang figures had different wrist bands and shoe sculpts though. The axcessories’ color went from grey to black, while Anubis / Spikes turned green. There’s also an even rarer blue variant. But I’ve just seen him twice selling on ebay for quite a penny without any accessories.

There do exist at least two variants of Galaxy Heroes bootlegs of Anubi, a black and a blue headed Walph. Or whatever he was called on there. If he had any name at all, because Galaxy Heroes didn’t have any names. They just had numbers, according to this cardback here. Wait - did I just say Galaxy Heroes (GH)? I thought that GW bootlegs with blank belt, movable waists, and a bloody paintjob were Muscle Warriors (MW), like shown in this forum thread here. Apparently not in this case (and probably many others). According to this picture here, at least the black headed Anubi bootleg was sold carded as GH, even though it had Muscle sculpts. Oh, and there also is another black headed Anubi (or Walph, or whatever he was called) I’ve never seen in real life before, who’s using Combo Hero (or Warrior) Sculpts. You can check him out here. Did I just say Combo? What is that again? Lol - pretty confusing, eh?

There’s more weird shit going on. The two Anubi bootleg variants I got, they have different shoe sculpts. The blue headed one has longer bootlegs - and yeah, this time I mean real bootlegs. The black dude has ‘Made in China’ engraved on the back, while the blue headed one doesn’t show any markings at all. So probably, the one without markings is MW, while the other one is GH? I’d say yes, because telling from the MW figures I got, none shows any markings. Concluding, Muscle sculpts showing markings must be GH, and not MW.

Too bad I’ve never seen the blue Anubi bootleg - or Walph, or whatelse number he had - carded as MW. That’d be great as a reference. As you can see, there still lies alot of collector’s work ahead, to explore the ways of muscular MotU KO bootlegging of the 80s & 90s. Till next time, geeks. ;-)

  • 11 July 2012